How it works

1. Locate Yourself
You can locate yourself in the healr map and witness your nearby nurses.
2. Add New Patient
To avail our service, you first have to add your new/existing patient.
3. Enter Details
If your patient is new then give his/her basic information details, vital signs and his/her medical condition.
4. Choose Service
Now as you have added your patient, choose the services required keeping the patient’s medical condition in mind.
5. Wait for your nurse
Now just for your nearby nurses to accept your service request and finally avail world class home healthcare services through healr.

Why Healr

Tertiary Care
Post surgery tertiary care is the only thing, we need to keep up with our recovery and that is what we provide.
Save Time and Money
In busy cities like Bangalore, where majority of the time and money during treatment is spent on travel, Healr eliminates that cost and time making our services affordable.
Post Hospitalization Care
Why not convert your own home bed to hospital bed and provide world class home health care services.
Risk Free
All the nurses are Trained qualified professional nurses which eliminate the risk factor.
Elderly Care
We provide elderly care which is in high demand due to the increasing professional count of people living away from their parents.
Personal Care
Provide doctors an opportunity to offer personalized care by monitoring their past and existing patients.